Wendy was suggested to me from another artist and I am so appreciative.  She produces some of the finest mosaic work that I’ve seen and I’m pleased to bring it to you this month.


I am a professional mosaic artist and my mixed-media mosaics have been exhibited in galleries on the West Coast. I am also a Soul-Centered Counselor and Healing Arts Facilitator.  I received an MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Drawing on my experience as an artist  and my background in Spiritual Psychology, I value the creative process as a vehicle for healing.  I facilitate stimulating and inspiring multi-media workshops that provoke self-discovery and awareness through creative expression and I enjoy working with people of all ages and abilities in a wide range of environments.  I have worked in hospital based Healing Arts programs, providing healing art experiences to patients, their families, and hospital staff.  I bring art classes to Senior Living Communities, and I teach in Children’s Art Programs.  I receive much joy and gratification while immersing myself in the arts and contributing to the well-being of others.


I have always felt most at home and connected to my heart when immersed in the creative process.  The experience of play, discovery, inspiration, aliveness, beauty, and reverence feeds my soul and brings me joy.

I have been working in clay and various art mediums for much of my life.  In 1998 I discovered mosaics and find the limitless possibilities within the process delightful.  Most of my mosaics are like mixed-media collages.  I enjoy creating unique pieces to include in the overall mosaic using various sculptural materials, polymer clay, gold leaf, crystals, metal pieces, beads, specialty art glass, and mirror pieces.  I love to experiment with materials, learn new techniques, and to continually grow and expand artistically.  Every piece I create is like a journey in itself, infused with beauty, heart, and meaning.



Installed in the Infusion Unit at the Samaritan Pastega Regional Cancer Center, Corvallis, Oregon

The following article appeared in the Samaritan Healthcare Newsletter:

“Ringing the bell” is a ritual practiced throughout the cancer community and offers a patient the

opportunity to embrace the completion of treatment and celebrate their future.  When a patient

rings the bell, it’s a sign of hope for all who hear it, the newly diagnosed, those in treatment who

may be feeling overwhelmed and want to give up, and for the oncology staff.

In 2019, the Samaritan Cancer Program and ArtsCare program incorporated this ceremonial

practice by commissioning former ArtsCare artist Wendy Brewer, who created two Ceremonial Bell

mosaic Triptychs.  Both mosaic designs were inspired by the significance that the Tree of Life

represents in many cultures.  One Tree of Life design represents the season of Fall, and the other,

the season of spring.

Patients on their journey with cancer came together during an ArtsCare workshop to work with

Brewer in creating embellishments for the trees, such as flowers, animals, birds, or other symbols

of significance that would be experienced during each of those seasons, further symbolizing all

aspects of the life cycle.






Each of these memorial mosaics were commissioned and created with the ideas and input from

surviving loved ones, incorporating quotes, pictures, meaningful treasures, and other aspects

deeply personal and significant to honor their loved ones no longer with us.











I’m not making mosaics now, but if I was, I think they would be greatly improved just from viewing

Wendy’s wonderful work.  She is quite an inspiration.





  1. Wendy, this is just wonderful to see your work in this context to be able look at each one, seeing
    them as a lovely family of relatedness. Thank you, and Wanda, for this almost New Year’s treat!


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