I recently attended a gathering in San Francisco. While admiring the beautiful garden, I saw a pot that took my breath away!  I mentioned it to the home owner and she introduced me to a fellow guest who was the artist.  Jacqueline shared pictures of some of her art and I immediately knew I had to share it with you.


I was born in London to an artistic family.  My father was a cartoonist and painter.  I came of age in the 1960’s and after finishing art school I became a graphic designer in London, at the same time continuing classes in ceramics in the evenings.  I moved to the United States in 1979 and worked in graphics until 1980, when the computer industry took over the graphics world.  It was a world that I didn’t want to be a part of.  I took a huge leap of faith, quit my well paying graphics job, and started making ceramics.  I basically became the proverbial starving artist for the first year.  Thankfully I made the right choice and now enjoy my career both making and teaching ceramics.

I am a painter that uses clay as the canvas.  I generally use uncomplicated forms that allow me the space I need for my design.  I’m interested in the human condition.  Why people decorate themselves with tattoos, their home with pigment, hand woven fabric garments or decorated plates.

My love of travel never fails to inspire me, from the geometric textiles of Nigeria, Russian and Scandinavian wood painting, Mexican and Spanish folk art, as well as typographical design from around the world.


The blue pot is the inspiration for featuring Jacqueline.  She explained that she made a mold from a golf ball and used that to cast the decoration.




















The purses are vintage finds at thrift stores that she embellished.


And here she makes me smile with these wonderful whimsical shoes.


If you are in the area you might visit Jacqueline at her sale of fabulous things.  Be sure to tell her you saw them on my blog.

                                        JACQUELINE THOMPSON CERAMICS

                                                   November 16,17, & 18

                                     Fri. 5pm to 9pm, Sat./Sun. 10am to 5pm

                                   83 Manchester Street, San Francisco 94110

                    *If you can not attend, you can contact me for a private showing. 

                               415 824-0151  Email:






  1. Oooooo Jacqueline!! Wanda I am so so happy that you featured Jacqueline! She is so much fun and
    soooooo prolific! I was incredibly lucky to go with Jo last year to a sale and it was wonderful to see her work,
    and in the context of her studio home. Go, everyone, it will be an eye dazzler event!


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