I met Elinor about 10 years ago when I was a new member of the Phoebes doll club.  Half way through the meeting a very colorful lady walked in.  If I remember correctly,  she was wearing balloon pants with each leg a different fabric, a brilliant top of many colors and  a necklace made of a dozen or so doll heads.  I’m sure there was more to her unusual outfit but time has erased the memory.  I assumed someone that colorful was the entertainment for the evening  and wondered what her performance would be.  There was a hush over the group and someone whispered excitedly to me, “That’s Elinor Peace Bailey”.  I found out that Elinor was one of the original members of the group founded 25 years earlier.  She had moved from the area and only visited on occasion. I discovered that her patterns are some of the most cherished doll patterns on the market. Anyone in the doll world knows Elinor, or knows of Elinor.  For so many reasons she is hard to forget.


I was young when I took on the word artist to describe myself.  It was not because I was all that deft at the craft, but more a matter of acknowledging that I had found my voice.  I have been drawing since I could smear on walls and that is why my work has improved and my voice has become stronger.  Initially I saw myself as a painter.  As a traveling teacher, I found that the work of many of my students and fellow teachers was better than my own, but I have been compelled to continue and I believe there is room on this path for as many as desire to follow it.  There is no need to compete for a single spot.

I love the human figure, particularly the female form.  It feels like a landscape to me and is a constant in my work, as is the face. Manipulating the proportions and the placement of the body and the face has infinite possibilities, and I delight in exploring them.

Using mixed media comes from the inclination to grab whatever is at hand to create an image.  I diverged from the use of a canvas when my projects were put in jeopardy by my children.  Discovering fabric gave me an answer to that problem and led me to stitchery, then to quilts, and then to dolls, where I found a form that took my attention for over 30 years.  Now as I move on into being an observer, I find that what compels me is telling stories, connecting with people and connecting disparate objects one to another.  Performing with the dolls provided me with an audience for those stories.  They served in connecting me with people, and my garments, mixed media journals and quilts have added to the chorus.  I guess I’m not done yet. 







If you have been following my blog you must have noticed that I no longer make dolls….I make mosaic pieces.  I love exploring in this new medium so much that I can’t stop.  I work on mosaics in my studio every day, and most of these pieces would be considered garden art. I’m running out of space so it’s time to move some of my work so that I can create space for more pieces.  My friends and fellow mosaic artists, Suzanne Duran and her husband Eddy, are joining me in a GARDEN ART SALE  in my garden at GOOSE COTTAGE, 1610 Minturn Street in Alameda, California, on June 3rd and 4th from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Here is some of the work that we will be offering for sale.

Occasionally a piece will need to be special ordered but most pieces are available to take with you.  












The blog in May will have more pictures of mosaic pieces that will be available in our GARDEN ART SALE. 

Please come June 3rd or 4th as we would love to show you what we do when we play with glass.

Wanda Fudge  at 510 769 0505   or


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