I met many of my artist friends when I was making dolls.  SALLY LAMPI is one of those artists and one that I greatly admired.  At that time she was making dolls, but like many of us, we are finding  new ways to express our creativity.


I am a native Californian.  I married, raised 5 children, and have 10 wonderful grandchildren.  I began my art history career designing cloth dolls and developing patterns for them, always with a twist of humor.  For many years I wholesaled the doll patterns, and eventually began teaching classes on doll making, which took me all over the world.  Lately I have been painting in the watercolor medium.  The pictures I am showing you are a mix of watercolor and collage.  The images have a touch of whimsical humor as well. Whatever I do, it must make me laugh.  This keeps my inner child alive.  I try with my work to make people smile.  

Please feel free to contact me at 







Next I’d like to share the work of some of our regular contributors.


I found this beautiful scarf by MARY to be quite unusual.  This is her explanation of how it was made.

MARY:  It is a reversible ikat patterned scarf, knitted with merino/silk/cashmere yarn from Paris.  The yarn is dyed in three colors: green, ivory and gold.  The scarf pattern uses Prism’s hand dyed yarn and Laura Bryant’s ‘Magic Number’ technique.  This version of Magic Number controls the blotchy  ‘pooling effects’ which are often seen in hand dyed yarn to create the repeating ikat pattern.  Ikat is a dyeing technique that employs a resist dyeing process on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric.  A characteristic of ikat fabrics is the ‘blurriness’ to the design as it is knit/woven.



BONNIE has been making the most charming wall jewelry.  She combines the embellishments that she is known for and creates a small piece to tuck among a grouping of pictures, or to place alone in a tiny space that is calling for something unique. 



DONNA has been making these sweet little pictures from old picture slides.  I found them perfect to place in a special letter.  I used one as a gift card and another to decorate on a gift wrap.  I can’t get enough of DONNA’S work.



This is some of SUZANNE’S recent work.  You can always count on her to give you a giggle.


Just a hint of what’s to come when SUZANNE and EDDY DURAN and myself have our upcoming GARDEN ART SHOW. 

I’ll have more to say about that in the next blog.

Please feel free to email me if you are interested in talking with any of the artists on my blog.  Much of the art work is for sale or can be special ordered.  

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